It's Flu Season. Do You Have Monarda Essential Oil On-Hand?

Posted on: 26 January 2023

Every year when the temperature begins to drop, the flu becomes more common. Of course, you reduce your risk of illness with a vaccine, and there are plenty of cold medicines that will help you feel better if you do become ill. But as flu season approaches, there is also something else you'll want to stock up on: monarda essential oil. Most health food stores carry it, and you'd do well to buy yourself a bottle or two to keep around during flu season. Keep reading to learn more.

What is monarda essential oil?

Essential oils are basically concentrated oils pressed from certain plants. For example, orange essential oil is the oil extracted from orange peels. Vanilla essential oil is the oil extracted from vanilla bean pods. Along those same lines, monarda essential oil is the natural oil extracted from the monarda plant. This plant has bright, purple-pink flowers and grows a bit like a shrub. In some regions, it is known as bee balm because it attracts bees. Monarda essential oil smells both floral and citrusy. Some describe it as a cross between oranges and marigolds.

How does monarda essential oil come in handy during flu season?

Different essential oils have different therapeutic properties. Monarda essential oil has antiviral and antimicrobial properties. In other words, it may help kill the pathogens that cause the flu. People also find that monarda essential oil can help them feel more energetic and lively, which is certainly something you want if you have the flu, or if you're caring for a family member with the flu. Finally, monarda essential oil has expectorant properties. This means it can help you cough up mucus that's nestled in your throat, which is something that happens often with the flu.

How do you use monarda essential oil?

Most people use monarda essential oil by diffusing it into their space and also inhaling its aroma. Diffusing it into your room may help kill any circulating viral particles so the flu does not spread. Inhaling the essential oil can help calm your own respiratory tract, encourage you to cough up mucus, and support your immune system. Try putting a few drops of oil on your collar so you can inhale its essence all day. Or, add some oil to a steaming pan of water and lean over it to inhale the scent.

During flu season, you really want to keep monarda essential oil on hand. Visit a local health food store and buy yourself a bottle.