FAQs About Using Delta 8 Edibles

Posted on: 26 October 2022

Delta 8 edibles are sweeping the nation. They are legal, sold in pharmacies and health food stores, and do have some mild psychoactive effects. Many people have benefitted from using delta 8, but if you're about to take delta 8 edibles for the first time, you probably have some questions.

How much should you take?

The first time you take delta 8 edibles, you want to err on the side of "not enough" rather than taking too much. Everyone reacts to delta 8 a bit differently, and you don't want to take a large dose and find that you're someone who is super-sensitive to the substance. Taking too much won't seriously hurt you, but it can cause nausea, extreme tiredness, and sometimes dizziness. New users should start with anywhere from 5 to 15 mg of delta 8. It's pretty common for edibles to contain 10 mg delta-8 each, in which case, you could take either half or a whole edible your first time around. 

Do you have to take the edible with food?

No, you should be able to take the edible on its own. However, there can be some benefits to taking it with food. If you have previous experience with cannabis products and know they make you feel a little gassy or nauseous, then taking the edible with food can help combat this. Some people also find that the delta-8 kicks in faster if they take it with food. This is likely because fat helps with the absorption of delta-8 in the intestines. If you want to enjoy this benefit of taking delta-8 with a snack, make sure it's a fatty snack.

Can you take delta 8 in the daytime?

Many people do take delta 8 in the evening because it helps them relax before bedtime. However, you can take it during the day if you need to take the edge off anxiety or alleviate pain. Just remember that delta 8 is psychoactive and may alter your ability to operate machinery, so you should not take it when you plan on driving a car. If you want something that will alleviate pain and anxiety without these effects, CBD is a good alternative.

Delta 8 edibles have provided benefits to many people. Start with a small dose, consider taking yours with a snack, and pay close attention to the time of day when you take your edibles for the best results. For more information on delta 8 edibles, contact a professional near you.