Tips for Working With a Fertility Nutritionist

Posted on: 26 May 2021

If you are thinking of becoming pregnant, it is a good idea to start taking steps to boost your fertility in preparation for the time when you start trying to conceive. One good step is to see a fertility nutritionist. These professionals can work with you to improve your diet, ensuring it provides the nutrients needed to support ovulation and a healthy pregnancy. If you do decide to work with a fertility nutritionist, here are some tips you should follow for the best results.

Be honest about your diet.

When working with someone who is an expert on nutrition, it is tempting to be dishonest or incomplete when discussing what you eat. It's natural to feel a little embarrassed to admit bad habits when you know the practitioner is going to tell you to eat healthier. However, the fertility nutritionist really needs an accurate idea of what you're eating in order to make the best recommendations for improvement. Remember, their job is not to judge you; they just need to know the facts.

Ask before making changes to the diet plan.

Your fertility nutritionist will probably prescribe a diet plan for you to follow. The foods in this plan will be carefully selected to provide certain nutrients you need for a healthy pregnancy. So, before you swap out a recommended food for a different one, be sure to check with the nutritionist. The food you are swapping in may not offer the same nutrient profile. For instance, if your nutritionist recommends eating yogurt and you instead eat cheese, you'll be missing out on the bacteria in the yogurt — which may have been the reason for the yogurt in the first place.

Have your partner come with you.

If your partner is able, have them come along with you to your appointments with the fertility nutritionist. This way, they will have a better idea of what your goals are and what you're supposed to be eating, so they'll be better able to support you in your dietary endeavors. They may also pick up some healthy eating tips that they can apply to their diet, boosting their fertility and overall health as well.

Working with a fertility nutritionist is a great option to help improve your health as you prepare for pregnancy. This natural approach is also very safe and easy to implement, especially with the guidance of a professional. To learn more, contact a fertility nutritionist near you.