Four Tips For A Smooth Visit To A Marijuana Dispensary

Posted on: 14 September 2020

If you haven't visited a weed dispensary yet, you may wonder what the experience is like. Most dispensaries are clean and well-lit with experienced, helpful employees who can offer a positive shopping experience. However, there are a few things you should know about dispensaries before your first visit. 

Bring Photo Identification

Legal dispensaries require photo identification. You will need a federally issued or state-issued ID, such as a passport or driver's license. Most dispensaries will not accept school IDs or other forms of identification. Besides showing your ID to prove you are over eighteen, the employees may need to enter your personal information into their system to properly record their sales. During your time at the dispensary, you may be filmed. These are all state requirements that depend on the location of the dispensary. 

Have an Idea of What You Want

It's easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of choice available at dispensaries. Besides various strains of weed, there will likely be different methods of delivery such as edibles, drinkables, and smokeables. Although many employees will be happy to help you choose an appropriate item, the purchase process will be quicker and easier if you have an idea of what effect you are looking for, the strength you desire, and the delivery mode you prefer. 

It is common for dispensaries to sell out of certain strains, so while it is good to have a general idea of what you want, you should still be flexible and open to suggestions from the employees. 

Be Prepared to Talk to a Budtender

Because dispensaries only recently became legal in most states, many people can find open, honest conversations about marijuana awkward. However, you will need to talk to the budtender (the employee who fills your order) to make a purchase. In most cities, dispensaries are not allowed to have items available on display. This means you will have to ask to see and smell the items you are interested in. When you make a purchase, the budtender will weigh out and package your order in approved packaging. 

Bring Cash

Many dispensaries cannot accept credit or debit cards due to federal finance laws. It is simple and efficient to bring an appropriate amount of cash for your transactions. 

Once you have made your purchase, it is appropriate to leave the building to allow the budtender to help other customers. Keep in mind that you cannot consume marijuana in public in most cities, which includes in or around a dispensary. 

To learn more, contact a dispensary.