What To Do With The Essential Oils Someone Gave You As A Gift

Posted on: 20 May 2019

Essential oils are certainly a unique gift. So, you were probably excited to have received them as a present. However, if you are not someone who has used essential oils before, you might be a bit perplexed about how to actually use this gift. Odds are that the package of essential oil didn't come with an instruction booklet telling you all of the different things you can accomplish with it. But that's solvable and this is where this article will help you. Below is a coverage of three different ways to use these essential oils.  

Use Them As In Lotions For Massage

If you are someone who likes to get massages, and you keep lotions and creams on hand for massage, then you have a perfect opportunity to use these essential oils. You can use a drop of so the essential oil and mix it into a basic unscented lotion or massage cream and create your own special scent. This is great if you're someone who likes to mix and match scents. You might want to get an unscented hand cream, or body lotion, for instance, and then use them as the base for experimenting with your new essential oil set.

Scent Homemade Soap

If you're someone who is crafty and likes to make homemade soap, or if you've always thought about it, then you have a perfect opportunity. In order to make scented soaps, you need essential oils, which you now have. So, you can either learn to make cold process soap from scratch (there are plenty of YouTube videos online) or else get an easy melt and pour soap kit.

Use Them In An Essential Oil Diffuser Nebulizer

Finally, one of the best ways to use your essential oils is to get a diffuser nebuliser. These will scent the air in your home with the fragrant scents from the oils. The nebulizer doesn't damage the oils with heat, but rather infuses the air with a light scent. These are great because you can get a nice scent in your home from the essential oils and they are healthier than the commercialyl available room freshing sprays that have chemicals. There are also thereputic benefits from using essnetial oils, namely that they can help you relax. So, at the end of a stressfull day when you've come home from a long day, you can add some lavender essential oil to a nebulizer and then sit back and relax.