3 Impactful Factors To Assess When Choosing A Dispensary To Buy From

Posted on: 12 January 2019

If you're in need of cannabis, be it for severe back pain or anxiety, then you'll want to visit a dispensary. Only here will you have access to a wide variety of cannabis for healing effects. If there are several dispensaries in your area to choose from, you'l want to assess these factors so that you buy from the right one. 

Product Quality 

Unfortunately, not all cannabis is created equal. Some will be much more effective at treating your physical or mental ailments than others. Knowing this, you'll want to assess the quality of products that different dispensaries offer.

The best way to assess cannabis quality is to look at a dispensary's client reviews. Do people say good things about the cannabis and stand by their product? If they don't and a dispensary has a lot of negative reviews, it's wise to keep searching to avoid wasting your hard-earned money.


You probably don't want to drive very far to get to a dispensary, as this wastes gas and your precious time. That's why you should assess a dispensary's location before ever traveling to it. Ideally, it needs to be near your primary residence or place of work.

You'll then have a much easier time traveling back and forth each time you need cannabis. Assessing location is pretty easy. Simply use a map app on your phone and search for local dispensaries. See how many miles away they are from your house or work and go with the one that's the closest. Then, buying what you need will be convenient.


Just like quality, not every dispensary is going to have the same rates for their cannabis products. You will, in fact, need to conduct some research to find out what various dispensaries are charging. Only then can you choose wisely and not pay more money than you have to.

Most of the time, dispensaries will have a list of their full cannabis menu along with a price breakdown of each item. Compare these rates from different dispensaries and see which one will work best for your particular budget. 

Cannabis is an important resource for many people struggling with mental and physical problems. If you plan on buying it regularly, dispensaries will come in handy. Just make sure you assess your options and know what to look for. Then, this transaction should go smoothly—no matter how many trips you make.