Four Signs That You Need A Cleansing Detox

Posted on: 16 January 2017

Although your body is capable of cleansing and detoxing itself—after all, that is what the liver does—sometimes giving it a little bit of help speeds up the process and helps you jumpstart or rekindle a healthy habit. If you've been feeling a bit under the weather after the holidays, the following are a few signs that you could benefit from a cleansing detox.

Sign #1: Fatigue

This isn't just feeling tired after a long day at work, but true lethargy that makes it a chore to even get out of bed in the morning. If you find yourself feeling sluggish and losing your motivation, even for activities you normally enjoy, it may be time for a cleanse. After a few days, you will feel more energized as you replace the toxins in your body with the nutrients it is craving.

Sign #2: Stomach upset

Everything from indigestion to constipation or diarrhea could indicate that it's time for a dietary change. The foods you have been eating are obviously weighing heavily on you. Getting the last of the heavy or trouble-causing foods out of your system quickly and opting for a cleansing diet for a few days can help get things moving properly again, while also cutting down on indigestion.

Sign #3: Body odor

As anyone that has ever eaten a lot of garlic can attest, the odors of what you consume tend to seep out of the pores. If you've been consuming a lot of foods in the allium family, red meats, or alcohol, your body odor may be revealing your diet to all around you. A shower may temporarily lessen the effects, but the only way to erase the odor completely is to go on a cleanse so you can flush the offending odor-causing toxins from your body.

Sign #4: The jitters

For some people the jitters are truly physical—they can't stop shaking their legs, or they are shaky. For others, the jitters are more mental—it's difficult to concentrate, or stress is much harder to deal with. Both types of jitters are often caused by too much caffeine in the body. A caffeine-free detox for a few days can help flush away the caffeine, along with your body's dependency upon it, so that you feel much less stressed and jittery.

There are many different cleansing detoxes to choose from, including those that use herbal teas and infusions to those that are completely juice based. Find one that will work for you and match your specific needs. Contact a company like The Rockstar Remedy for more information on cleansing detoxes.