4 Things You Should Know About Medical Marijuana

Posted on: 26 October 2016

Are you concerned because your physician is trying to treat your medical condition with medical cannabis? Although you may be wondering how cannabis can possibly be good for your health, there are actually many positive things about it. The natural herb is commonly turned into oil known as Cannabidiol (CBD) for treating various medical conditions. In this article, you will gain more insight about Cannabidiol so you can feel more comfortable about taking it for your condition.

1. What Cannabidiol Consists Of

When cannabis is transformed into Cannabidiol, only a certain part of the plant is used. For instance, a special chemical is extracted from the resin glands of a cannabis plant. The chemical is useful for treating certain health conditions due to the cannabinoids that it contains. Cannabinoids are basically compounds that attach to receptors that are located in your body cells, which is helpful for fighting different medical conditions.

2. Why a Physician Might Prescribe Cannabidiol

Cannabidiol can actually help your endocannabinoid system function well, which is important for many of your body functions. For example, your immune system and reproductive health can be negatively affected when your endocannabinoid system is in bad shape. You might also not be able to move body parts to the fullest extent. A few of the medical conditions that Cannabidiol is sometimes used to treat includes cancer, epilepsy, anxiety, and problems with the digestive system.

3. Why Your Lungs Will Be Safe

If the thought of damaging your lungs from smoking cannabis is something that you are concerned about, there is no need to be. You will not have to smoke Cannabidiol if it is prescribed by your physician. The oil will simply have to be placed inside of a vape pen, which will be used as though you are smoking. However, the vape pen does not create any smoke but produces vapors from the oil. Your lungs will not be affected in any way with a Cannabidiol prescription because the vapors are not toxic.

4. How Cannabidiol Differs from Recreational Cannabis

The best thing about medical marijuana is that it will not cause you to experience any of the psychedelic effects as when used for recreational purposes. You will actually not experience any severe side effects from the oil. One of the possible side effects includes having a dry mouth, but you can count on the prescription being safe for your health in general. Tell your physician that you want to move forward with being treated via a Cannabidiol prescription.