Five Supplements For Athletes

Posted on: 31 July 2015

You've got the right equipment. You've got the right clothes. You've got just about everything you need to take your exercise regime to the next level--but what about vitamins and supplements? The below supplements may help ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs to keep you going strong.


Glucosamine is a chemical that promotes joint health. Although it's produced naturally by your body, athletes may find that taking a glucosamine supplement helps cut down on exercise-related aches and pains. You produce less glucosamine as you age, and supplements can help boost your levels and keep your joints pain free.


Iron does a lot for your body. It helps keep your immune system healthy, helps build red blood cells, and moves oxygen throughout the body. Many people get their iron from food, but sometimes it's not enough. Athletes require more iron than the average person--it can be lost through sweat during an intense workout. Runners in particular can lose iron through something called foot strike hemolysis, where red blood cells break down due to the pounding of feet on pavement.

In order to recoup lost iron, many athletes may find it beneficial to take an iron supplement.  


You may know that calcium is important for bone health, but that's not all. Calcium also helps muscles contract smoothly, and athletes that are deficient in calcium may experience muscle cramps. Like iron, calcium can be lost through sweat, and supplements may help replace some of what's lost.

Vitamin D

If you're taking a calcium supplement, you'll want to take Vitamin D as well. Vitamin D helps keep calcium levels in the blood stable, in addition to boosting the immune system and promoting heart and bone health. Vitamin D can be found naturally in fortified milk and orange juice, as well as sunlight. However, those who live in areas with long winters, or even those who just don't get outside a lot, may be Vitamin D deficient.


Caffeine lovers rejoice--caffeine may be good for more than just waking you up in the morning. There is some indication that caffeine can help you perform better when it comes to endurance sports, such as marathon running. Taking a caffeine supplement during a longer event may boost your energy levels and keep you going strong.

To take your athletic performance to the next level, consider integrating supplements into your daily routine. For a selection of professional supplements, visit a company such as Do Vitamins.