Why Beliefs Are Such A Hot Topic Now

Posted on: 7 May 2021

Your life circumstances used to be thought of as ones you had to change either through luck or through active pressure and material accomplishments on your part. Over the past several years, though, people have started to figure out that your core beliefs about your existence, personality, and self-worth play a bigger role in what happens to you in your daily life than they realized.

You Don't See What You Don't Believe Possible

First, you tend not to see what you don't believe. That doesn't mean that if you don't believe in something, it will become invisible. What it means is that, if you don't believe, for example, that you can get money legally through ways outside your job, you might not see that news story about community business grants. You might see articles about investing but not really pay attention to them when one of them might have a simple process for someone to buy stocks that are rising. And you might not really focus on that crumpled paper on the sidewalk that turns out to be a discarded store receipt wrapped around $5.

Beliefs Can Lead to Stress, and Stress to Physical Issues

Sometimes beliefs can lead to a lot of emotional stress. Unfortunately, emotional stress can often surface as a physical condition. You might think you're developing a chronic illness when it's really a reaction to mental stress. This is common with job or relationship stress, where you might think you're just unlucky enough to suffer from heartburn or chronic headaches when really it's your body's reaction to the stress you're going through. If you can change the belief that's causing you stress, you could reduce or eliminate the physical problem, too.

No Such Thing as Being "Bad Luck"

You could say that a specific situation was just bad luck, of course, but there's really no such thing as a person who is doomed to always experience bad luck. Some events that seem bad at first turn out to be good, or aren't really good or bad to begin with. Other events that may seem like bad luck could be the result of subconscious self-sabotage due to a belief that the person isn't deserving of something good. This doesn't mean they deliberately tried to ruin their opportunities, just that their inner beliefs drove them to overlook something or miss a deadline, for example.

By changing these beliefs and inserting new ones through processes like Psych-K, the self-sabotage can gradually lessen or even stop. Many of your beliefs aren't as set in stone as you, well, believe. To learn about changing your beliefs, reach out to a local Psych-K healing professional.